Editorial de Bioclandestine sobre el fallo de Roe V. Wade.

Como siempre, Bioclandestine nos comparte una vez más otra de sus lúcidas opiniones.
Oscar Morales Guevara
Junio 24, 2022
Editorial de Bioclandestine sobre el fallo de Roe V. Wade.
As the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, this will dominate the news cycle. The riots will surely begin tonight and with the response to this ruling, the Left will further cement themselves as the party of insanity. While Americans are struggling to pay for gas and food, the Left and the DNC are focused on sending tens of billions of our tax dollars to arm LITERAL Nazis, and burning cities down because the Supreme Court said killing babies is up to the States…

As we approach the midterms, lets do a quick tally on the Left and what they have openly supported over the last 2 years:

-Slaughtering children
-Grooming children
-Indoctrinating children
-Raping children
-Arming Nazi military forces in Ukraine
-Forced medical experimentation
-Orwellian censorship
-Brainwashing and propaganda
-Racism against white culture
-Sexism against men
-War or Heterosexuality (Normality)
-Abolishing the Right to defend yourself
-Abolishing local and state police
-Election fraud
-Higher taxes
-More government
-Less freedom

When future generations read the history books, they will look back with dismay, unable to comprehend how so many Americans actually supported the Leftist movement and the party of blatant insanity. The modern day left-wing proves that people can be brainwashed to support ANYTHING.

Now the leftists will take to the streets and supply some good photos and examples for the history books, as to why in future America, liberalism no longer exists. So go ahead, let them burn it all down. They are only making our point and justifying the eradication of their ideology.

Patriots, stay home. Protect your family. Let them riot. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

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